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The facade of an eyebrow is a language that respects the entity of the entire face and its features.

Sometimes it is the main focus of the face that makes a statement. Sometimes it takes a back seat to the eyes.  Or sometimes simply being present to accentuate the nose bridge, which conveys the beautiful intention of a face. 

This can only be expressed as subtly and sublimely in nice eyebrows.


Our Brow Detailing procedure starts with our Makeup Specialist recommending and designing the ideal brow shape for your face and features. Followed with our Brow Specialist who will help you achieve semi-permanent eyebrows with a combination of techniques including microblading or misting.

Come experience our brow detailing services like no others.


Brow Detailing + 1 Colour Tune-up at $980nett 


Service includes:

30 minutes of eyebrow Grooming and Design by Makeup Specialist

90 minutes of embroidery service by Eyebrow Specialist

120 minutes of colour tune-up done in 6 weeks

1 DrGL Moisturiser Collagen Boost (10ml) for self-care at home


2nd colour tune-up (within 12 months), 120 mins at $300/session 


Contact us at 92312703 or should you require more information.