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Bearing in mind the uniqueness of each face and how varied an individual’s lifestyle or preferences can be, The Importance of being subjective (TIBS) aids you in exploring different looks…

In our makeup workshop called The Importance of being Subjective (TIBS), you will be taught:
1) colour theory, i.e. how to select colours to suit yourself,
2) makeup techniques for brows, eyes, face, cheeks and lips,
3) learning how to copy makeup based on references that you like. 

Details for this class as follows:

Venue: Your Home
Duration: 4 hours
Amount: One session of one-on-one workshop is at $450/pax (weekdays only)

You will be given a set of brushes. And we will also recommend makeup that you might need to buy after the workshop. 

Makeup will be provided for use during the workshop, so you do not require to bring any makeup. However, if you do have an existing set of makeup, do bring along so we can show you how to use them appropriately.